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This report is on how the environment affects iguanas and their color. I will also include types of iguanas and types of environments. There are several types of iguanas; such as the marine iguana, green iguana and rhinoceros iguana; but I am mostly focusing on green iguanas.'One consideration of an iguanas color is diet. The iguana should get a daily salad of lettuce, chard, and parsley, carrot, sweet potato, cucumbers, grapes, melon, peppers, and rose petals. Its diet should also consist of 15% kibble, boiled skinned chicken, and hard boiled egg'(8 PG.1-2).'Iguanas can be found through out North America, South America, and Central America, they are also found page 2in the Caribbean Islands and Galapagos island. Some species stay on the ground while most live in trees or near water.

Iguanas usually stay in trees and quickly drop into the water and swim away if threatened'(3p.9). Iguanas are found in tropical and sub-tropical climates. Few species are found in temperate environment and none in arctic environment'(2p.1).'Iguanas sleep during the night and are awake during the day. Iguanas spend much of the time basking in the sun because they need the suns heat to survive'(1p.21). As with any tropical reptile, iguanas need a substantial amount of heat to survive

It should be provided in gradient so that one end of the cage has maximum heat while the other has page 3minimal to provide a choice but the temperature should never go below 75 degrees f.'(5p.20). 'Iguanas do not bask in the sun just for heat however. They need the U. V rays, by absorbing vitamin d3 to enhance there absorption of calcium. Light bulbs and artificial light can not do this'(4p.55).I hope you have learned a lot about iguanas, their environment, and their color. 301 words.

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