Gulf war

Every one of us has heard of the Gulf War. What is happening in the Arab Gulf. In Iraq particularly, is an international problem, which is not solved till now. Many solutions had been given; however, not any proved to be efficient. The first step in the Gulf War is the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq, and this lead to the big. Gulf Ware we are going to talk about.

The Iraqi attack against Kuwait started a minutes after midnight on August 2,1990. About 150,000 Iraq men entered the Kuwait borders. By dawn Iraq had assumed control of Kuwait City the capital. The United Nations Security Council and the Arab league immediately condemned the Iraqi invasion. Many reasons let Iraq think of invading Kuwait. In 1961 Britain granted Kuwait independence, and Iraq revived an old claim that Kuwait had been governed as part of an Ottoman province in southern Iraq and was therefore rightfully Iraq’s.

Since 1963, there were occasional classless along the Iraqi-Kuwait border, and relations between the 2 countries were sometimes tense Nevertheless, the relations between the 2 countries improved during the Iraqi-Iran war. By 1990 Iraq had fallen $ 80 billion in debt and demanded that Kuwait forgive its share of the debt and help with other payments. Meanwhile, Iraq also claimed that Kuwait was pumping oil from a field that straddled the Iraqi - Kuwait border and was not sharing the revenue. Iraq also accused Kuwait of producing more oil than allowed under quotas set by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, there up depressing the price of oil Iraq’s main export Iraq’s complaints against Kuwait grew increasingly harsh, but they were mostly about money and did not suggest that Iraq was about to revive its land claim to Kuwait.

As a result of the Iraqi invasion, and after many negotiations in which Iraq disapproved to with draw from Kuwait, a large international force gathered in Saudi Arabia. The United States sent more than 400,000 troops, and more from Saudi Arabia, Great Britain, France, Kuwait, Egypt, Syria, and other countries sent ships, air forces, and medical units. Including the Netherlands, Italy… Iraq tried in many ways to threaten the attacking forces. They lunited that they would use chemical weapons and missile attacks on cities. In a step to weaken Arab support within the coalition, Iraq tried to hide its occupation of Kuwait to the larger Arab-Israeli conflict in the region. On January 12, 1991, the US congress narrowly passed a resolution authorizing the president to use force, nullifying the domestic debate.

On April 2,1991, the security council laid out strict demands for ending the sanctions: Iraq would have to accept liability for damages, destroy its chemical and biological weapons, and accept international inspection to ensure these condition were met. In Kuwait the prewar regime was restored Palestinians in Kuwait forced poorly after the war, for Yasir Arafat of the Palestine Liberation organization had endorsed Hussein and his anti-Israeli rhetoric. Blamed for collaborating with the Iraqis, most of Palestinian population was expelled from Kuwait or forbidden to return.

Thousands of American soldiers faced many health problems such as diarrhea, insomnia, abdominal pair… these symptoms were called Gulf war syndrome. And they were suggested to be due to a toxic nerve gas, sarin, the soldiers were exposed to. The UN continued to maintain most of the economic embargo on Iraq after the war. The sanctions allowed Iraq to sell limited amounts of oil or food and medicines. However, the war didn’t end and neither side is giving solutions.

In my opinion the strike on Iraq is done in order to weaken the Iraqi army and make it less powerful than Israel. The U. S and Britain found a way to kill the Iraq powers. When Iraq with drew from Iraq everything should have ended, but the U. S don’t want so. They want to feel relieved that Iraq could no more threaten Israel. Now, the Iraqi children and women are suffering to death from lack of nourishing and medical treatments.

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