Greenhouse Effect

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In the past decade the greenhouse effect has gained much attention with the media. Because of the pollution in the 1980's and early 90's attention was brought to the greenhouse effect. In overpopulated areas, the amounts of methane and carbon dioxide was growing. Some scientists believe the greenhouse effect is directly related to the earth's warming, others believe it's a cycle of earth's temperatures. The greenhouse effect is very important to our climate. The light waves from the sun penetrate through the atmosphere.

The warm air heats up the land and as it rises it hits the o-zone layer and bounces back into the earth and continues to heat. In a greenhouse, the heat comes in, but the glass blocks it from getting out, this exactly is what the atmosphere is doing. The green house effect is very important in keeping earth's temperature at moderate temperatures. The earth is heating from the greenhouse effect. Without the o-zone layer there blocking the heat from leaving the atmosphere, earth would become very cold and lifeless. If not for the greenhouse effect, the earth would be 33 degrees C colder than it is now. Other proof that the greenhouse effect does heat is Venus' atmosphere is so thick and in effect its greenhouse effect is so large that its surface is hot enough to melt lead. Carbon dioxide, water vapors, and methane are a big contribution in blocking heat from leaving earth

Some sources of methane can be prevented. For instance the over-production of cattle, the unnecessary amounts of waste, and fumes and smog from factories. A lot of carbon dioxide is also preventative. Forest fires produce much carbon dioxide and stop much production of oxygen. Throughout the history of the world there has been many cycles of the climates.

The warming of the earth could, in fact, have nothing to do with the greenhouse effect and simply be part of the earth's cycle of climates. In the beginning the earth was hot and pure lava, then it became covered with glaciers. A huge heat wave came over the land and melted the glaciers. Since then the temperatures have become rather moderate, the warming that's happening can simply be part of this cycleThe greenhouse effect has a great impact on the earth. The pollution in our society is gaining day by day. There are many ways to cut down on all of these unnecessary amounts of methane and carbon dioxide. If our society learns to use less waste, cut down on the smog, (public transportation, etc.) and stop the unnecessary over population of cattle.

The world will be bright in the future as well as pleasant right now.

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