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Dear Editor, Pollution in our world is leading to increased Global Warming. This Global Warming is a problem that if it doesn't effect us, it will effect all future generations to come. Global Warming is a problem that all of us can solve, and it should be solved through the work of our community. The Global Warming Problem is a big problem, with such an easy solution. Global Warming is caused by the Greenhouse Effect.

The Greenhouse effect causes the sun's rays to come in the earth's atmosphere, and when it bounces back, more and more of the sun's rays stay in the Earth, heating up the average global temperature. Greenhouse gasses cause the addition of the Greenhouse Effect. Greenhouse Gasses cause an increase in the Greenhouse Effect. Greenhouse Gasses are created whenever a fossil fuel is burned. It is not the burning of the fossil fuel, but the emissions of the gas from the burning fossil fuel that adds to the Greenhouse Effect. Greenhouse Gasses in this planet are natural, but with added amounts of Greenhouse Gasses, the Greenhouse Effect gets much stronger. There are several simple solutions, but many people don't care about the environment enough to help stop Global Warming

One Step to stop Global Warming could be to turn off your computers when you finish with them, because computers use electricity, witch is created mostly by the burning of Fossil Fuels. Another Step to control Global Warming could be to use Public Transportation, rather than each person driving around in a car, because each less car reduces the level of oil burned. Another way to stop Global Warming could be to Recycle, because lots of garbage is burned, adding to the Greenhouse Effect. Global Warming is a serious problem, and it needs to be solved, NOW!.

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