Glengarry Glen Ross

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Arthur YilmazPsychology Glen Garry Glen Ross Glen Gary Glen Ross I thought was interesting. There were many different kinds of characters in this film. The salesmen in this movie are all after the same goal money and power. There is a constant competition between the salesmen to see who can close more deals to earn the top leads. The Glen Gary leads are the best leads and they become the symbol in this movie.

They symbolize the greed that is in each one of these salesmen's eyes. In the movie there are bosses and managers standing in the way of the men achieving their goals. The head boss played by Alec Baldwin has the most power in the company because he is the owner of the company. He is a cocky man who shows off his power. In the first scene of the movie, Alec Baldwin's character is in the office with the three other salesmen

Alec being that he is the boss is talking down to the employees and treating them like garbage. Alec talks to them this way because money and power has taken over his body. He has no idea what employee moral means. He gets a kick out of treating people like this. When the employees respond to him he makes a smart remark and yells at them. He acts this way because he knows that they will follow anything he says because he is the boss.

When Jack Lemon's character questions him about something Alec tells him off because Alec does not want to hear any complaints. Alec just wants the job done and if they cannot do the job he will find people that can. Alec is screaming at them to try to get them to comply with his orders and if they do not he will fire them because he does not need employees slowing him down. The three other employees are like little ants looking up to a big animal, they have to sit there and take the harassment. They have no power over the boss because their jobs are at stake.

The employees have to kiss up to the boss so they can get a better foot in the company. If they get on the bosses bad side its over for them.

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