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GERMAN CULTURE SINCE REUNIFICATION. GERMAN CULTURE SINCE REUNIFICATION.  Term Paper ID:25600 Essay Subject: Demographics, interpersonal communication, crime & violence, sex & nudity.... 7 Pages / 1575 Words 10 sources, 13 Citations, APA Format 28.00 Paper Abstract: Demographics, interpersonal communication, crime & violence, sex & nudity.Paper Introduction: Introduction Since the Berlin Wall came down in 1989, Germany has undergone significant changes throughout its culture.

Divided by the Allies after World War II, the country was reunited in the early 1990s bringing the formerly communist East Germany (German Democratic Republic) into the democratic and capitalist West (Federal Republic of Germany). The reunification has not been without problems: unemployment runs high among those from the former East Germany, for example, and there has been an increase in the number of nationalist demonstrations in recent years. In addition, the country has seen a large influx of refugees from other former communist countries, and Germany's once strong economy has faltered somewhat as the nation tries to assimilate these new residents.

Germany was also instrumental in bringing about not only the Europea Variety, p. Poor and order.

Personal confrontations are to be avoided, but there isa strong tendency and social pressure to conform. Divided by the Allies afterWorld War II, the country was reunited in the early 199 s bringing theformerly communist East Germany (German Democratic Republic) into thedemocratic and capitalist West (Federal Republic of Germany).

Too big for its boots? All three shows are highly erotic, and "Love Sins" was fined in1996 after a court found that some content violated anti-pornography laws.

Typically, these shows (which air on commercial broadcast stations) focuson sexual paraphernalia, sexual gratification tips and in-depth interviewswith international stars of pornography (Meza, 1998b, p. The sense of privacy extends beyond the personalspace issue to include different types of relationships for differentsettings. The Economist, p. Today, public nudity is accepted as a customin Germany which is widespread even by relatively liberal Europeanstandards.

Sex in Germany Sex and nudity are far more accepted in everyday Germany than they arein the United States. 13). Kicking the habit. Other former East German states saw much the sameincrease (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern had an increase of 8 percent in crimeduring the first half of 1993). G2).

48). WorldPress Review, p.

This rate was also less than half the already lowrate in western Germany ("Living," 1994, p. (1998, July). 13). There is a growing trend in Germany toward envy; this is evidenced inpart by the criticism that Stefan Effenberg has encountered by his ownteammates (some of whom have been accused of sabotaging Effenberg's play)after signing a contract for more than 2.8 million. (1998, March).

During the first five months of 1993, eastern Germany had fewerthan 5.1 births per 1, people, which was 6 percent fewer than duringthe same period of 1989. 35). Although public displays of nudity were banned during the Nazi years, nudity regained its popularity following World War II in both East and WestGermany, with a particularly popular following in East Germany. Although the nation boasts a life expectancy rate which is consistentwith other developed countries (79 years for women in 1996 and 73 years formen in the same year) ("Background Notes," 1998, p.

Meza, E. The decline in fertility has been matched by an increase in mortalityamong nearly every age group except for the very young and the very old.

Death rates for women between 25 and 45 rose nearly 2 percent between 1989and 1991; for men of the same age, it increased by nearly 3 percent. Girls aged 1 to 14 saw an increase in mortality of nearly 7 percent. During the period 199 -1991, an East German man between 3 and 44 years was7 percent more likely than his West German counterpart to die ofcardiovascular disease, 156 percent more likely to die of injuries, and 2 percent more likely to die of cirrhosis of the liver. Where Americans engage inconspicuous consumption, Germans often hide their own wealth.

This research examines thesocial patterns which have emerged within Germany and considers what paththese patterns might take in the future. 48.

Duty, obedience(including within the family) and loyalty are highly valued personaltraits. S2 - S21. However, the fact that thetrend includes the former East Germany has surprised some researchers giventhe

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