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Symbolism in Fahrenheit 451 research paper on Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 and The Martion Chronicles Fahrenheit 451 & Brave New World Chris MokosMS 101Cheryl Casey3/9/00Symbolism in Fahrenheit 451 Light, especially fire, and darkness are significantly reoccurring themes in Fahrenheit 451. Guy Montag, the main character, is a fireman, but in this futuristic world the job description of a fireman is to start fires wherever books are found; instead of putting them out. Montag takes a journey from a literary darkness to a knowledgeable light. This journey can be compared to the short story Allegory of the Cave by Plato, in which a prisoner experiences a similar journey. The role that fire plays in Fahrenheit 451 is apparent from the very beginning of Bradbury's novel.

'IT WAS A PLEASURE TO BURN. It was a pleasure to see things eaten, to see things blackened and changed' (1). In these first two sentences, Bradbury creates a sense of curiosity and irony because in the story change is something controlled and unwanted by the government and society, so it is very unlikely that anything in Guy Montag's society could be changed. The burning described at this point represents the constructive energy that later leads to catastrophe. The next example of light, in reference to knowledge, occurs just after Montag meets Clarisse for the first time. 'When they reached her house all its lights were blazing' (9)

Since Montag had rarely seen that many house lights on, I interpreted those lines as saying 'that house is full of knowledge and enlightenment; not like the rest of the houses around here.' Clarisse went on to explain to Montag that her mother, father, and uncle were just sitting around and talking. This was also something that wasn't very commonplace in that city.

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