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The Destruction of Ethan Frome In this classic tale of Ethan Frome, written by Edith Wharton is set in a small town in Massachusetts, a farmer with no love for his dreary wife is given his forsaken fate. Ethan is married to Zeena, a nagging hypochondriac, and Mattie, a girl of relation to Zeena who does some housework and is very beautiful. The combination of Mattie and Zeena are Ethan Frome's downfall. His destruction was caused by his responsibility to Zeena and his love for Mattie. Ethan Frome is in a terrible dillemma.

He married his wife Zeena. This forsaken marriage was payment to Zeena. Ethan's payment for to Zeena for taking care and nursing his mother while she was dying. To make the worst of matters, Zeena brought along this very young and beautiful girl named Mattie. Mattie was an orphan and related to Zeena, and thus lived with her and Ethan

Mattie does basic household chores and things. Mattie sometimes does not get all her chores done and angers Zeena. Ethan is very interested in Mattie in the matter that she aadores nature as much as he does. Because of Matties lazyness, Ethan finishes her chores at night. This leads Ethan to his crash course to love with Mattie.

Ethan begins to fall deeply in love with Mattie. When Zeena goes away to see the doctor, they finally will have time alone. Ethan and Mattie connect and are madly in love now. Zeena suspects this secret love and always has. With the dreaded, unexpected early return of Zeena from the doctor, a terrible suprise is about to creep into the ears of Ethan Frome. Zeena has 'complications', but that is nothing compred to what she tells Ethan. Zeena is literally disposing of Mattie and replacing her with a new hired girl. Ethan is furious.

He cannot believe what is happening. His love, his only love is slipping away from him and he believes he cannot save her. Ethan is highly contemplating leaving Zeena, and running away with Mattie. He believes in that leaving Zeena, she could sell the farm for good money and be happy. He and Mattie will will go west or even Florida. Responsibility overides this idea.

Ethan is a good man. His conscious will not let him leave Zeena. He thinks of his mother and how Zeena had taken care of her. He has a repsonsibility to Zeena and cannot leave her. But he cannot live without Mattie.

This destruction of Ethan Frome. He will not leave Zeena or Mattie, so he decides to end all troubles of life with death. Ethan and Mattie crash thier sled into a tree to end it all. But it all doesn't end. Ethan survives, as does Mattie. This terrible crash has destroyed Ethan.

Not phyically but mentally. He is totally disfigured and can barely walk. Mattie has become Zeena. She is helpless and no longer beautiful. Zeena has switched roles with Mattie in a way.

She now takes care of everyone and does all the chores. Ethan has lost all that he had worked for. He is now trapped in a cage. A cage he will never leave until his departure from the earth.

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