Essay in Application for Dental School

To explain concisely why I am interested in the dental profession, I must begin with my childhood. From the time I was about ten years old, I spent most of my summers visiting with grandparents in Kansas where my grandfather is a smalltown family dentist. This gave me a great opportunity to see first hand what a rural practice can be like by observing procedures as well as the business aspects of running a small practice. I was given a rare opportunity to observe and participate in lab work and sculpting and discovered that I possess a raw artistic talent as it relates to ESSAY IN APPLICATION dentistry. This also gave me a chance to become moderately well versed in oral anatomy FOR DENTAL SCHOOL and oral procedures at a young age and to absorb and appreciate my grandfather’s talent for making his patients feel comfortable. I became aware at a young age that I wanted to be a dentist and that, in my grandfather, I had a wonderful role model. I also know that I have the drive, intelligence, and natural qualities that would be needed.

Presently I am volunteering in the office of Dr. Dixon Delbert’s family dentistry practice in Wichita. Dr. Delbert has arranged for me to freely observe throughout his sophisticated practice which offers services related to endodontics, oral surgery, and periodontics. This has given me a chance to talk with professionals in varying dental specialties and to observe the contrast between a small practice like the one my grandfather runs and a large, modern facility.

I believe my academic pursuits have prepared me well to enter the dental profession. I earned a B. S. degree in Marketing with a 3.34 GPA in my major at Georgia State University, and my undergraduate marketing degree equipped me with valuable insights into interpersonal relations. I feel my well-rounded personality would also be of value in the customer-and-employee relations aspect of dentistry, and I credit my involvements in high school as contributing measurably to my ability to interact socially with others in a gracious manner. In high school, in addition to being named to the National Honor Society and winning the Freshman English Student of the Year award, I was elected Sports Editor of the yearbook staff, was co-captain of the football and soccer teams, was captain of the golf and tennis teams, was selected for inclusion in Who’s Who Among American High School Students, and was active in community service activities.

As soon as I arrived at college, I became perceived as a campus leader and organizer; I was active in a philanthropic event that benefitted orphans and I held nine separate elected positions within my fraternity. In those elected positions I expressed not only my leadership ability but also my natural creativity; for example, I created several T-shirt designs which captured the spirit of certain events.

My interpersonal skills have also been refined through jobs as a sales representative in a men’s clothing store, phone representative for a marketing research firm, door-to-door salesman of educational books, and salesperson in a golf pro shop. I look back on my job with Southwestern Company as a major tool in refining my management skills; after a one-week training session, I was sent to a small town in Ohio and had to find a place to live while functioning as an entrepreneur selling educational books door-to-door. It was like getting thrown into deep water and being told to “sink or swim,” and I believe I changed from a boy into a man that summer.

Just three weeks after graduating from Georgia State University, I enrolled at Kansas City College in the program pursuant to a B. S. in Biological Sciences and have excelled in completing nine hours a semester while working 20 hours a week. At Kansas City College I have earned a 3.925 GPA and have been inducted into Beta Beta Beta, a national collegiate biology honor society in which invitations to become a member are based on grades, interest in the field, and faculty sponsorship. I have also joined the American Student Dental Association so that I can receive their publications and keep up with changes and new procedures in the dental profession. This semester I also completed Organic Chemistry I and Human Anatomy & Physiology courses at the University of Kansas with a 3.5 GPA.

One reason I feel I would be a credit to the profession of dentistry is that I believe I offer a rock-solid character. As a matter of personal philosophy, I try to live according to Christian values. I am known for my high ethical and moral principles, and I perceive of dentistry as a profession in which one can be of service to mankind and to the community.

In conclusion, I must emphasize that I was exposed to the dental profession at an early age and became fascinated with the possibilities of what I could accomplish with my artistic aptitude, intellectual abilities, and desire to enhance the quality of people’s lives by providing quality dental care.

Yours sincerely,

David Martin

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