Equality between men and women

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The feminists all over the world always make a hue and cry about the inequality, which exists between men and women in the society. They are always clamoring for a parity in the treatment of men and women. But all their appeals seem to have fallen on deaf ears in this male dominated society. Women need to do what they are best at and prove their mettle. Going on the defensive will not help them to root out the inequality.

Firstly, a woman has to find out what her forte is and try to carve out a niche for herself in that field. There are a lot of professions in which women fare better than men. Studies show that women are more successful in certain jobs than men. For example, women seem to be well suited for hospital related jobs. Women are no rabbit in academic pursuits either. The number of girls who graduate every year from various universities stands testimony to this.

Women may not be cut out for physically demanding jobs. But it has got nothing to do with their intelligence. It only shows the erratic nature of their physiques. A healthy man may not be as discerning or thoughtful as a lanky women. Thus the physical accomplishments are no criteria in assessing the competency of a woman. The sidelining of women does not seem to be based on any logical reasoning. It only reflects the chauvinistic attitude of men. They consider women as mere objects of pleasure. They overlook their potential and achievements. It is the mindset of men which needs to be changed.

Women should not get disheartened in times of deprecation and criticism. They should derive strength from the success of strong minded and tenacious ladies around the world. Perseverance and hard work will help them to bridge the inequality between men and women in the society.

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