Eighteenth Amendment

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The eighteenth amendment of the United States Constitution was ratified in the year 1919. This amendment made buying, sellieng, and producing alcoholic beverages illegal. However, this amendment did not stop some on the citizens in the United States, this included some of Louisiana's own citizens. Even though the making and selling of beer and wine was illegal the citizens did not seem to care to much. The majority of the people, who brewed their own beer and wine at home, and even the people who were involved in bootlegging were among the ones who did not believe that the amendment was constitution, and some did not get arrested with taking part in this illegal activity.

The reason that the people did not get in trouble was because they were to many people who did not want to conform to the new rules on the constitution; so there would be to may people to arrest sine everyone was practically doing it. These people who were involved with selling alcohol made tons of money. One man was even able to purchase a new car with the money that he made. This man was named Mr. Hungerford. He was able to collect wine from the railroad cart that was caught trying to transport some alcohol. He stored the bottles in a family member's barn till his neighbors ran out of their own and then sold his bottles at an inflated price

What this man did was illegal in the 1920s because of the eighteenth amendment, but the federal authorities did not have the heart to get rid of the alcohol that the citizens collected, so you can almost say it was legal in the city of Gueydan. Mr. Hungerford may have been lucky, but one man was not so lucky. His name was Mr. Kellogg, also known as Mr.

Arbaugh. He was arrested for "conspiring to violate the national Prohibition Act." This was the man who was trying to ship beer in rice sacks on the railroad cart, and got caught. His arrested lead to the arrest of other men believed to be head of bootlegging organizations. Members of "organized" crime were probably happy that the citizens of Gueydan wanted beer, because they made a lot of money in transporting and selling their illegal beverages. The United States and Canada were the only countries that made alcohol illegal, so it was not practical for Americans to enforce the prohibition laws, because the other counties of the world could still make, sell, purchase, and consume alcoholic beverages. Rumrunners including the I'm Alone made transportation of illegal substances possibly because it was not illegal for them, and they traveled in free waters.

When the boats got close to Louisiana, the Louisiana's would travel to the boats through the intercostal waterways, which was connected to the open waters were the boats waited and then brought the substances back to the coast and sold it to the Louisiana citizens. In conclusion, Louisiana did not respect the eighteenth amendment, of the constitution, which was the Prohibition law. They would hide their substances, but federal agencies really did not persecute the citizens. Some people sold the substances illegally and made a lot of money including members of organized crime and even ordinary citizens.

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