Earth mother goddess

Describe an original response to the meaning of existence with reference to the Earth-Mother-Goddess: What we find as an original response to existences meaning is the belief in a greater being or higher power, eg. God, that we serve and obey in the trade for a fruitful, everlasting life. This can be connected to the theory of the Earth-Mother-Goddess. The female in nature was intended to represent re-occuring life. Ancient people held the belief that they would return to the body of the womb of mother earth and then be given a new life. This ancient belief is similar to our own when compared.

How does a religious world view give meaning and purpose to the lives of the people?

The view of the religious world can give meaning and purpose to the lives of the people as it gives them hope. Hope that if they live their lives as God had intended for them, they will be granted entrance into heaven, an everlasting, peaceful place. It gives people meaning as to what they should do with their lives. The religious view also brings order in people’s lives. Purpose in someone’s life is also introduced in the world view as there they can go to church and have the holy rituals which every religion will go through. This may offer people a sense of purpose in their life. “Religion cannot be contained by any definition. However, the religious response is distinctive in its understanding of reality and its characteristics.” i) Why can’t religion be contained by a definition? ii) How is religion a “distinctive” response and what are some common characteristics of religious responses? Religion cannot be contained by a certain definition because religion is, simplistically enough, what you want it to be. No one can write a definition of religion as it is really just personal opinion. Religion can be the way you live your life, but for someone else it may just be another word in their dictionary and they could argue with the last definition and

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