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Many people in general have enough problems to deal with. Why shouldorganization add to them? Computers are known to be the key factor of savingpeople from falling off the edge of their chair every time they were to have to thinkreally hard. If an individual were to purchase a computer he/she should take thefollowing into consideration: "Will this make my job easier? Do I need extramultimedia capabilities? Will I be using the Internet?" Many people go out andbuy a computer without acknowledging what should be included in the purchase. Many businesses and organizations use computers for projects such asgraphs, calendars, calculators, word processors, and even filing tax returns online. When calling the doctors office to make an appointment the receptionist will ask forthe name.

Why is this? By telling a name, the computer automatically searches andpulls up the medical history, address, age, etc. Without this technology, peoplewould have to file space consuming papers manually, and, in addition, try to readdoctors' handwritings. Computers in today's businesses allow us to make clericalwork easier. Getting down to really utilizing the PC consists of using MicrosoftOffice, including Power Point Presentations, Word, Excel, Outlook, Works, Fron

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