Declaration of Independence Parody for Golfers

We, the golfers of America, hereby declare our independence with the following document. With this statement we affirm the right to wear knickerbockers and proudly jump up and down with a good shot. Too many times have we been made fun of for our unique dress code and our cover that go on our clubs. Too many times have we been called spoiled rich snobs who have theirs heads in the clouds. Too many times have we been laughed at because of our lingo. Well we are golfer s and so we shall always be.

1.Too many times have we been forced to lower our standards of play to make room for others.

2.Too many times have the Rangers told us to keep our voices down.

3.Too many times have golfers been mocked by those who whish they could wear our stylish clothing.

4.Too many times has our group had to wait because of people ahead trying to show off and end up missing or tearing up the course with divots.

Now, GOLFERS everywhere will be forced to use carts to run over those standing in the way of them. Those with dreams of becoming pros will be forced to stand proud in knickerbockers and yell when he or she has made a good shot. We shall be awed by our creativity, admired for our tremendous talents and respected for our abilities to beat those that think they are better than us. We are golfers and that is who we will always be.

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