Deciding A Major in College

Selecting a major has been the most difficult challenge I have faced while at Junior College; not studying for classes, playing tennis for the Irvine Valley College team, nor making friends on campus. It is difficult to comprehend that selecting a major means I will have to concentrate on that field of study with strong commitment and passion, with little hope of ever changing that major. It seems that once I determine an occupation of interest, another opportunity seizes my attention, and once again, I am in a state of confusion. While maturing the last two years, I have learned that a major should associate your love, talents, and desire for success in that subject. I plan to discuss my initial interest of human development, my desire to pursue criminal justice, and how sociology has become my determined major.

As stated in my application, my first job was tending to kids in an after-school day care environment held at Turtle Rock Community Park, which led to my interest in teaching. After attending the same day care when I was a child and volunteering at the community park, I received this initial job at the age of fifteen with high hopes. I have worked there for nearly five years since. It seemed that as each year progressed, I realized my love for working with kids had increased as well. I liked having the responsibility of watching the kids and interacting with them. I thought I was made for teaching because I loved working with children, but realized my love was to improve their lives, to supply them with a role model when their parents aren't around or not involved enough. My excitement comes from helping others by learning more about each person, whether child or adult. So I realized teaching wouldn't utilize all of my talents and complete my yearning for success, although it would fulfill a love in the subject of bettering others' lives. I wanted more and my next step was discovering a different occupation, or major besides human development.

This awareness came upon talking to an old Leader I (my occupation as of now) who used to look after me when I was a kid at Turtle Rock Community Park. His name was Glen and he decided to stop by the park one day, and I quickly recognized him because he was one of my favorite Leaders. We began to talk and update each other with our lifestyles. I asked him what he was doing in terms of work, and he responded to tell me that he had become a police officer for the city of Newport Beach. I had always considered the job for its excitement and respect, but had never realized the impact I could make on lives in his position. He told me to look into a couple areas and I had fallen in love with the idea. I was set on the proposal as I thought how law enforcement could utilize my talents of working with people, physical abilities, and knowledge. This would fulfill my need for success with its benefits and increase in financial success if I pursued higher levels of crime such as investigation or maybe undercover work. But would I love it? People say that working with law can change who you are and that it is always challenging and dangerous. This recent insight has led me to decide that I can minor in law and society while majoring in sociology.

My intended major is sociology when transferring to schools because of its broad range of occupational opportunities that are produced from the study of society. I realize that choosing a major doesn't necessarily mean choosing a specific job for the rest of my life. This was the intimidating factor and strongest misconception I thought about upon deciding a major. When I looked at the many areas of study and occupations that can be achieved under the sociology major, I realized what a great course of study it would be to follow for my future. My fear of deciding an occupation is solved when I look at the study of society to observe and understand the past, present, and future through more than one lens. It is the culmination of many studies that provide a knowledgeable picture of how the social world works. The diversity under the study of humanity can help lead me to a career that makes me happy and complete.

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