Critical Analysis of Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card

In Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card, determination played a big part in the success of many of the character’s goals. Ender and the students in battle school used determination to help them succeed in graduating and going onto command school. While Valentine and Peter where determined to make their voices heard and earn respect for themselves around the World. Colonel Graff showed his determination in efforts to prepare Ender to defeat the buggers.

Ender, and the students in battle school needed and used determination to survive and be successful in battle school. From there they used determination to go onto command school. When Ender and his launch group was first introduced to the battle room, they had a lot of difficulty moving around. Ender was determined to get better and immediately began to experiment and eventually learned how to maneuver effectively. When Ender was transferred to the Salamander Army, he wasn’t given a chance to compete in the battles, but he was determined to get better so he held practice sessions with the launches. At the practice sessions, Ender and the launches developed new maneuvers and techniques that would eventually become the standard for future battles. After a little while of practice and Determination, Ender found himself atop the leader board. When Ender got his own Army, he and the members of his army were put on a grueling schedule of battles and practices. Ender’s Army faced a battle everyday for four straight weeks. They were exhausted but everyday they remained strong and determined to keep up their success, and not to give up a loss.

Valentine and Peter also showed signs of determination throughout the book. They were determined to make themselves heard and earn respect from important people on the net. Together they worked together to develop a strategy to conceal their true identities, while still being able to earn respect. The two came up with nicknames and two different writing styles to match the unique names. Their progress started out slowly, but they stayed determined. After a while they both found themselves writing articles for major publications, and earning the respect of individuals all around the world.

Colonel Graff shows a lot of determination throughout the book. Graff was determined to give Ender the preparation he needed to defeat the buggers. Graff was always pushing Ender farther than even Ender thought he was possible of going. Most would see Graph as a horrible man, but he did all that he could do for a man in his position. He had a difficult task of turning a six year old into someone who would save the world, but he maintained his determination. It was a hard thing for Graff to do, but in the long run all his work and determination paid off.

The determination off the characters in Ender’s Game played a big role in the success of many characters throughout the book. Without determination Ender wouldn’t have become the great leader he turned out to be. Valentine and Peter could not of had the same success that they obtained, if they weren’t determined to continue to write on the nets. There is no way Graff could of prepared Ender for the buggers without the determination he showed throughout the book. Determination plays a key role in the shaping of the Ender’s Game, and can be found in just about every character.

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