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CONCEPT OF INTERACTION. Research Papers, Essays, and Term Papers 1-800-351-0222 or 310-313-1265 Or Order On-Line! CONCEPT OF INTERACTION.  Term Paper ID:30308 Get This Paper Free! or Buy This Paper Essay Subject: Defines interaction and feedback as forms of human communication.... 5 Pages / 1125 Words 8 sources, 8 Citations, APA Format Rating 20.00 More Papers on This Topic Paper Abstract: Defines interaction and feedback as forms of human communication. Focus on degree to which electronic interactivity (the Internet, etc.

) can be considered interpersonal communication or some other form of communication. Discusses reshaping of interaction in voting and politics. Reduction of fact-to-face interaction. Dual effect of Internet interactions. The electronic portfolio.

Paper Introduction: The concept of interaction has been adapted to a variety of situations.

A central element in interaction is feedback.

Wiener (1961) notes the biological importance of feedback in the organism, including the human organism, and explains why feedback is essential for life: We thus see that for effective action on the outer world it is not only essential that we possess good effectors, but that the performance of these effectors be properly monitored back to the central nervous system, and that the readings of these monitors be properly continued with the other information coming in from the sense organs to produce a properly proportioned output to the effectors (Wiener, 1961, 96).

Feedback and interaction are forms of communication. (1961). Feedback was always a part of theprocess, of course, and the wise individual would make use of that feedbackto make changes. Yet, these are also the veryreasons why voters like the new approach and like to cut through some ofthe rhetoric and other barriers candidates create for themselves. Overall, though, the potentialis much greater for immediate feedback and correction.

Internet interactions thus have a dual effect--they both empower andreduce the power of some who participate. Deetz, S. 2 . O'Sullivan concludesthat interactive computer networks are well-suited for facilitatingpluralistic political participation.

For those who wish to maintaincontrol, the Internet may reduce their control even as it empowers others.

Candidates feel that they lose control, while voters interacting onlinefeel that they are gaining control.

Press. The concept of interaction has been adapted to a variety ofsituations. Online interaction enables the individualto shape his or her portfolio in the best way to appeal in the marketplace. "Citizen participation and theInternet: Prospects for civic deliberation in the Information Age.

" TheSocial Studies, 23-28. A central element in interaction is feedback. This gives this individual much more control over the process than wasever possible with a physical portfolio. The idea in cybernetics is forthe system to be self-correcting. ELECTRONIC PORTFOLIO The electronic portfolio could be improved greatly by interactiononline, allowing for changes to be made on an ongoing basis in order tocreate a more appealing and effective portfolio based on feedback fromthose who access the web page.

One could assume that such institutions and normswould be developed as well by the information-gathering and disseminationof electronic media.

The personinteracting displays multi-dimensionality and is also able to use all sensemodalities: "The interpersonal message is precisely the synergy of allessential />

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