Comparisons Betwen The Movie One Flew Over A Cuckoos Nest And A Visit To A Mental Institution

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In this paper I will be comparing the visit to the State Mental Institution and the movie One Flew Over a Cuckoo's Nest. I think the two aspects of metal illnesses has had a effect on the way I see people who are not mentally stable. The three topics that are being compared are; staff concerns, spiritual development, and treatment methods. In the movie One Flew Over a Cuckoo's Nest the staff concernments was different from the staff concernments at the mental institution. In the movie nurse Ratchet was an bad influence to the patients who needed to be helped in the social groups.

Instead of nurse Ratchet listening to the patients, she patronized and compressed them into their own kind of thinking. I think instead of helping them, Ms. Ratchet only mad the worst come out of the patients because of the way she downed their inner feelings and did not treat them as real people. From the visit at the State Hospital, the staff seem to real care about the patients and their mental stableness. I think with most mental illness people can really get help from people who actually care

If the staff really listen to what their patients have to say, then a patient can only be lead to better health. I think in any mental institution spiritual development with God should be allowed regardless of anything. In the movie, there really was not anything spiritual that was talked about. I think that if the nurse's and the patients had a spiritual side to them, then the sessions that took place could have been more helpful to the patients. In the State Institutionone staff memeber, told us that spirituality was show in the institution, but not to much because the staff members do not want to force their religion on the patients. The ways of treatment to the patients was an huge difference between a movie and reality.

In the movie the shock treatment was heavily used for the patients who would get out of hand in the sessions. I thought that was nurse Ratchet crazy way to deal with the patients mental illnesses. In the movie there was also a time called; Medicine Time, where the patients would line up to take their medicine. In the State Institution we really did not see any patients lining up for their medicine, because they were treated like people. In the State Institution shock treatment is rarely used simply because the patients do not act bad or get to carried away with anger. Over all I thought the trip and the movie was an good experience for the class.

It showed me how people who are mentally ill at mental institution are real people and have real feelings just like mentally healthy people are. Most people who think are mentally stable should be checked into because how their actions are. I think going into the field of Psychology could be pretty interesting and need more good people to help out the mentally ill.

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