Community Leadership Essay

I believe that during my life, I have always strived to be the best I can be, and to lead. I believe I am a leader in two main facets. First and foremost, I believe that I am a leader by example. I believe that through my community involvement, I have been a ‘man for others’. Since grade 7 I have been volunteering. I started out doing small things like tutoring. In grade 8, I continued tutoring, but started volunteering at my neighborhood senior’s home. I did over 20 hours that year. I continued volunteering there until grade 11, doing about 1.5 hours a week. . In the mean time, I also spent time helping the mentally handicapped. I worked for L’Arche of Winnipeg, staying overnight on weekends, once a month. In grade 11, I started volunteering with the YMCA. I taught swimming lessons at their downtown center every Saturday. I eventually got a job there, but I continued to volunteer. Currently, I am volunteering at the Rose and Max Rady Community Centre. I am helping out organizing activities for the mentally handicapped. In addition, I am also a ‘leisure buddy’. I believe there are other, less tangible ways where I lead by example. In school, I always do my best, and try to get high marks. At parties or when I am out with my friends, I always try to be inclusive. When I am playing soccer, or doing my swimming, I almost always go all out. When there is a group project, I am always trying to motivate the group to finish the work early. I feel that through these activities I am a maturing leader by example.

I also feel that I am a leader in a different way. I believe that I lead in my day-to-day life. For example, I lead the school newspaper, being the editor. I am leading the school play production, being one of the assitant directors. I feel that I lead the debate team, in organizing out of province tournaments. I believe I lead my soccer team as captain. I have also participated in a lot of conferences and tournaments. For example, I attended the 2001 National Commonwealth Forum, where we discussed solutions to the spread of the AIDS empidemic. I will also be participating in the Southern Ontario UN council and the Ottawa UN council. I have also participated in many National Debate Tournaments, where controversial resolutions are discussed. All in all, I believe that I am a leader. I hope to continue to do my best, helping society and lead others to do the same.

In the future, my goal is to continue being a leader. I hope to make a macroscopic difference in the world. I hope to become a politician and better the world.

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