Changing The Face Of Poverty

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Changing the Face of Poverty This article is about the truth and lies that census bureau figures presented for the income of families and poverty. The Census Bureau says that poverty is worsening and the number of people without health insurance is increasing. The truth is that poverty is only worsening between small groups of people such as immigrants. Our middle class society's income is slightly rising and that the only true problem is that there is less overtime pay and unemployment. Health insurance is an issue because immigrants from Mexico and or Central America are told to come to America by there government to get free health care but we the American people won't let them in. when the illegal immigrants come here they take the place of some American workers for less pay or take up the free health care leaving nothing for everybody else. This is big issue because if we let illegal immigrants in we would become over populated and there will be lesser jobs.

If we do not come up with a full proof immigration plan not only will be at war with Iraq, we will also be at war with illegal immigrants. BibliographyAdams, J. (1998). Freedom Days-365 Inspired Moments in Civil Rights History. New York: John Wiley & Sons."Biography(Martin Luther King, Jr.)". Retrieved November 18, 1999 from the World Wide Wed: http://members. aol. com/StephanieR/MLK/Bogal-Allbri tten, R

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