Bruce Lee «Ticallion Stallion»

This essay is dedicated to Bruce Lee, without a doubt the most famous, skilled, and Inspiring martial artist that ever lived. Bruce Lee was a Chinese martial artist and actor whose main style of fighting was Kung-Fu among many other styles that he practiced. From all of the things that I've read and seen about Lee, I think that he was the type of Person that would never give up. He could get beat and come back for revenge, but there weren't Many times that he was defeated. He was also a very inspiring person to many people. He taught That mental actions overcome physical ones, that people should only result to fighting when it was The last option, and that a person shouldn't determine the outcome of a fight before it starts Because underestimation could lead to defeat. Bruce also had clever methods of thinking and Different ways to put his thoughts into action. He was nicknamed «Dragon» because he was born In 1940, the year of the dragon according to the Chinese calendar.

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