Book review – «For Whom The Bell Tolls» Ernest Hemingway

For Whom The Bell Tolls begins with a pyrotechnic for the Russian army reviewing the land where he must blow a bridge to stop enemy movement. He is a little overwhelmed by the task he is assigned to complete yet he is mentally sound in his manner and seems to know exactly how to handle himself in the situation. The book, so far, is believed to be set in Spain as everyone speaks in Spanish and is set around the time of World War II ('carbine': gun used about that time).

The main character of the book is a man named Robert Jordan. He is the soldier or 'partizan' (Russian word for guerrilla) who is sent to take out a bridge during a frontal attack on the enemy. He is, as mentioned, a little overwhelmed by what he is ordered to do but he knows so much about the way people work and think that he can spot when a man is about to fold. He is very brave and cunning from what has been read so far and is very skilled at his job. Jordan's guide in the jungle is a man of 68 years named Anselmo. Anselmo is very agile and strong for his age and is a good guide. In addition to this, he is also very wise and provides meaningful insight when a situation arises.

There has been no turning point in the book other than Robert Jordan getting his mission orders which is really the beginning and not a turning point. My personal opinion of the book so far is good. I like the usage of language, the way a character speaks, the lack of contractions, and where the story is headed. The start has been good and I hope it carries through to the end.

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