Book Report: Tales of a fourth grade nothing

Tales of a fourth grade nothing is a book about a family that lives in New York. They have a dad, a mom, and two kids. The kids names are Peter and «Fudge» (Farley Drexel Hatcher). Fudge is a 2 year old kid who, Peter thinks, is nothing but trouble. Some of Fudge's escapades include, Putting his mothers food stamps all over his father's big client's suitcase, refusing to eat then acting like a dog to eat food scraps, trying to fly, having a very interesting birthday party, going into town, being a TV star and other escapades.

Unfortunately, Peter always has to somehow be an example so fudge will eventually give in.

Mr. and Mrs. Juicy-O.

Peter's father invites one of his big accounts to stay the night at his house while there in town. The very thought of having to drink more Juicy-O doesn't quite make Peter's stomach jump for joy. When his father got the account they got all the free Juicy-O they wanted. Peter gets home from school and his mother tells him that «I'm missing two flowers». Peter and his mother look around then they finally ask Fudge, «Fudgie, have you seen mommy's flowers?». Fudge just sits there and smiles, not opening his mouth. Peter's mother sticks her finger in Fudge's mouth and pulls out a petal. She asks «Where did you put mommy's flowers?» Fudge just smiles and says «ALL GONE yum yum». Peter's mother panics and calls the doctor who say's it will be ok and and to just give him some medicine. When Mr. and Mrs. Yarby arrive Peter think they look like the Grandma and Grandpa type. During dinner Peter and Fudge fought, Mr. Yarby commented «During my day, Hatcher, we were taught manners.» Peter didn't like this but he just kept his mouth shut.

That night while they were talking Mr. Yarby went into their room only to find fudge pasting green stamps all over the Yarby's suitcase. «My stamps» Mrs. Hatcher exclaimed. Mr. Yarby said «Hatcher, were going to book a hotel now» Peter was very happy for that.

Judy Blume does a very good job of expressing what a child of 9 years would think about his brother and how he looks at his parents. The way she writes this book it almost feels like you are the one telling this tale. If you have a younger brother or sister of even know any two year olds then you can really relate.

Getting familiar with the characters in this book was easy. Judy Blume not only brought the characters in but she also told about their friends which gave you an idea of who the characters are. She also shows how the family works and how it seems that Peter is being unfairly treated but you see that he is just sick of being a brother.

At a friends birthday party Peter gets a turtle and he names it Dribble. The climax of this book is when Fudge goes to the hospital because, catch this, he eats Peter's turtle, just swallows it whole. Peter gets really angry at Fudge. At the end Peter's parent's give him a dog and he names it he can remember

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