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Plague appeared in 1347-present in two forms blood stream and lungs-after catching thedisease one could die in a matter of hours-rumors reached Europe by 1346 they where notalarmed because they hadnt seen it first hand-death toll 23,840,000-a single graveyardrecieved 11,000 corpses in 6 weeks-bodies were thrown into the Rhone untill mass burialpitts were dug.-50,000 dead in paris, florence and venice.-kdsjfl jasd sdfjasdl flsadj fsad fsad flsda fsdlf sdlf sldf lsdjf lsdf lsdfl sd lflsdkfl sadfl ksdafl asdlf sld f sadf sadf sda flkasdf lasdfl asdfl asdlfsad flasd fasld;flaskdflksad fasdlf asd f asdf sad fas df asdf asd f asdf sad fasd f asd fasd f sadf asd fas df asdf asd f asdf as df asd f sad f sdaf sda fsad fsad f sadf asdf sad fasd fas df asdf asd fsda f sdaf df;gdf;ldfg;df; gdfg;df;ldfg;lkdfsg;lksdf;gs;ldfg;'lsdfg;lsdfgk;'s ldfg;lsdfgksdf;g';sldfgl;ksdf 'sdf g;sdf ';lsdf [d sf sd;f gpsdf g ';sghb sdb;'lsfg ;'sdfb;' sfgbs 'd;kbg';lsdg;sdfgsdf; sdf;lg ;sdlg;'sdfg;'lsdf sdf;g ;sdf ';ldasf gp'sdfg;h 'fgb ;'sfgo sdf gpsdf; gks;dfg ksdf g;sdf; 'lsfg;lhsdf;g ;dsf g 'sdf'sdf'g;'lbkl; skbp['oqkba ps;flgmcb p'odfgbp'sr;o bs;r' bvj;osr vjpsor; jbthe small city of munster was located in North-west Germany in 1534-35.-lewis mumfordcalled the 16th century the dawn age of technology the Eotechnic age=blast furnace, artillary, the printing press, the power loom, domestic clocks, cheap paper for books weremade.-Anababtism began as a purely religious movement in opposition to conservative Lutheranism.-Its name in greek means to baptize again-its basic doctrine said that infantbaptism did not suffice to make a man a christian - in 1534 their leaflets warned the end ofthe world, and called for repenance.-Anab. of muster made cath. and luther. capitoloffenses.-.

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