Biblical Summary of The Book of Matthew


In the first chapter of Matthew at the very beginning of the chapter Matthew explains how the prophecy that Jesus would come from the line of David. It also explains the love and compassion that Joseph had for his wife. Because he did not know right away that Mary had not been with another man, but he did not make an example of her like most men in those days would have done. But when the angel came to Joseph and told him that it was the Holy Ghost that was inside of her and to take her as your wife he obeyed.


In this chapter Matthew tells us how the wise men came and found Jesus by the bright star that was over the place where He stayed. He also tells us how the wise men had a dream that they should not return to Herod the King because he wanted to kill the Savior. Also how God protected Jesus by giving Joseph another dream that he should go to Egypt until Herod is dead. But when Herod died God came to Joseph in a dream telling him that it was safe to go to Israel and as they left Joseph found out that Herod son was reining in Judea Joseph became afraid and took his family to Galilee. This was another prophecy fulfilled that Jesus would be a



This chapter talks about John the Baptist and how he would go from place to place baptizing people. There was also another prophecy fulfilled in this chapter, the prophecy was that someone very rugged would come out of the wilderness and prepare the way for Christ. As John the Baptist was baptizing these people he was dressed in camel hair the bible says. Toward the end of the chapter Matthew says that Jesus came to John the Baptist and asked him if he would baptize Him. And when John the Baptist had baptized Jesus the Bible says that the heavens opened and a dove came out and God said, “This is my Son in whom I am well pleased.”


The beginning of this chapter explains to us what we need to do when the devil tempts us the devil tempted Jesus three times and all three times Jesus quoted scripture to him and told him to depart from Him. This chapter is also where Jesus’ ministry begins. It says that Jesus was walking by the sea and He found His first two disciples out of twelve. Their names were Simon Peter and his brother Andrew. The disciples that came after them in this chapter were James and John who were also brothers and it says that Jesus went from place to place healing all that were sick or lame.


This chapter begins with he beatitudes which describe first of all the attitude that you need to have and second of all the blessings that come when you have a certain attitude toward other people and God. This chapter also has a lot of explanations about how you should love your enemies and to love them that despise you. Also it talks about what you purpose in your heart that you have already done. So if you say you want to kill them you have already committed the act of murder in God’s eyes. This also goes with adultery if you lust after someone Jesus says that you have already committed adultery.


This is a chapter all about how you are supposed to give money, pray, and fast. Jesus says that when you give your money that you are not supposed to let everyone know what you are giving but you should just give-to-give. But if you let everybody that you are giving and boast yourself up the Bible says that you have your reward. But if you give in secret the Father, which seeth in secret will reward you openly. Also when you pray you should go somewhere quiet with just you and God and God will reward you. But if you pray just to impress other people God says that you have your reward.


In this chapter Jesus is telling us that we should not judge others especially if we have more problems than they do we should be telling them how to get rid of their sin or tell them that they are doing wrong. Jesus also tells us that if you want something that you should ask and ye shall receive. It also tells us there cannot be good fruit that comes from a bad tree just good fruit from a good tree and bad fruit from a bad tree. He says that it is much harder to get to heaven than it is to go to hell, because the way to heaven is very narrow because there is only one way to heaven. But to go to hell you do not have to do anything.


This whole chapter deals with the miracles that Jesus performed the first one was a leper the next was a centurion’s servant, the third was Peter’s mother and the fourth person that He healed were two men who were possessed with devils. After all this Jesus also calmed the sea. The main point I think is that all the people that Jesus healed they all had faith that He was going to do it so I believe that we need to have faith in God and let God do whatever he would like with our lives.


This chapter tells us that Jesus was here not to save the saved but to save the lost, which is what He told the Pharisees. In this chapter Jesus healed a leper and He also ate with the publicans and sinners and he healed a man’s daughter all these things because they all had faith in Jesus. But Jesus also told the disciples to go out and to preach the gospel because there is many that need it.


During this chapter Jesus sends out His disciples and gives them the power to heal the sick, lame, and the afflicted. He told the disciples to go and to tell everyone who sent them and if they reject you they are rejecting Me. He said that their cities would be like Sodom and Gomorrha. He told them that He will always watch out for them, because they are more important than a sparrow and He knows every time that a sparrow hits the ground.


Jesus here was going to go out and to preach Himself now that he had sent out all of the disciples. As he preached and talked one of the most important things that He said in this chapter was that if you are heavy laden and you need rest all you have to do is call upon the name of the Lord and He will give you rest because His burden is light.


In this chapter Jesus talks about the Sabbath. The Pharisees also started to plot against Him in this chapter. Jesus tells us about the only unforgivable sin, which is blasphemy. He also said in this chapter that if you desire to do His will and are saved that you are the same as His brethren or sisters or even mother.


This chapter is about parables and why Jesus used to speak in parables He said that He spoke in parables because if we saw we would not believe. The parable that He talks about in this chapter is the parable of the sower. The parable of the sower says that whatever you sow that you will reap the benefits of that. So if you are constantly sowing bad things that is what you will reap and He also said that it only takes the faith the size of a mustard seed to enter into the kingdom of heaven.


This chapter starts off by talking how John the Baptist was killed. Matthew said that John went and told Herodias he was doing something wrong and was thrown into prison for it. Then later in the chapter Herodias made a promise that John would be beheaded. Also in this chapter is one of the greatest miracles and one of the most recognized it was the feeding of the 5,000. It says that Jesus broke five loaves of bread and two fish to feed the 5,000 and when everyone was done eating the still had twelve baskets of food leftover.


Jesus talks about in this chapter that it is not what goes into a mans mouth that defileth a man but it is what comes out. When the Pharisees heard what Jesus was saying they were very mad because they had grown up with the customs of the law. Also in this chapter Jesus heals a Canaanite woman daughter just because she had great faith. Later in this chapter Jesus is preaching again and everyone gets hungry and Jesus once again feeds 4,000 men not counting the women and children and when they were done eating they had seven baskets leftover.


The disciples at the beginning of this chapter are worried because they forgot to bring bread over across the lake. But Jesus said to them do you not remember the 5,000 and the 4,000 thousand that I just fed and there was some leftover so do not worry. Then he asked them who they thought that He was they said most of the people believe that you are one of the older prophets come back to life, but we believe that you are the son of God and he said to them that they shall enter into the kingdom of heaven with Him.


This chapter is explaining that someone will come before Him and make the way ready for Him and that it would be Elijah and the disciples understood that it was John the Baptist. Jesus also told them in this chapter that the hands of man would betray him. Jesus also healed a woman’s daughter because she had the faith that Jesus would do it. Then when Jesus and the disciples went to the temple Peter said to Jesus that He should not have to pay and Jesus said that if He does not pay noone else should either.


This chapter is explaining if someone offends you what you should do or how many times you should forgive someone. Peter said if someone offends me should I forgive him seven times and Jesus answered him saying not seven times but seventy times seven. Then Jesus told the parable about the man who owed the king a lot of money and when he asked forgiveness of the debt the king had compassion upon him and forgave his debt. But when the man left he came by someone who owed him just a little bit of money and the man could not pay so he had him thrown into prison. When the king heard what the man had done he had him thrown into prison until he could pay of his original debt. So we need to forgive everyman his trespasses.


Then Jesus went to Galilee and the Pharisees asked about divorce and Jesus said if a man divorces his wife because of adultery that any man who marries her is also committing adultery. He also wanted all the little children to come to Him because they will be heaven. He said that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter into heaven.


This chapter starts off with the parable of the workers in the vineyard. Jesus says that many men were hired early in the morning to work for a penny all day long and some were hired later in the day and also got payed a penny. The ones who had been there all day asked the boss why they had not gotten payed more than the ones who had only worked a couple of hours and he said that you agreed to work for a penny so I am not cheating but the first will be last and the last shall be first. Then Jesus and His disciples started to towards Jericho and two blind men wanted to be healed and because they had faith he healed them.


This chapter is about how everyone was praising Jesus as He rode into Jerusalem on an ass. Matthew says that they cried out hosanna and put down their coats so that he could walk over them. But when all the Pharisees saw that the people loved Him they wanted to get Him but were afraid because the people thought that He was a prophet.


Jesus again talked about a parable of a man having a wedding and someone does not show up properly dressed and they took him out and killed him. Also the Pharisees trying to trick Jesus asked Him what the greatest commandment of all was and he said thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thine heart thine soul and thine mind and the second was thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself and the Pharisees became very angry about this when they heard what Jesus said.


This whole chapter is Jesus rebuking the Pharisees the whole chapter has to do with Jesus telling them that they are not worthy of the kingdom of heaven and that they deceive all the people. But the only thing that can save us if we come in the name of the Lord asking for forgiveness it says.


This chapter is talking about how Jesus is going to leave and that many will come and say that they are Jesus and to not believe them because there will be a lot of false prophets. But Jesus told the disciples that when he is gone that he will come back and after that will be the tribulation for all of the unsaved which is the last chance for anyone to become saved.


This chapter is explaining to us that if God has given us talents that we should use them. But if we do not use the talents that God has given to us that He will take and give them to someone else. So we always have to remember if we have anything we need to give it to God so that He can bless it and bless us.


In this chapter they begin with the Passover feast and Jesus sends out the one who is the traitor and then they will have the last supper. After the Last Supper they went up into the Mt. Of Olives to pray and the Bible says that Jesus was praying so hard that He was sweating drops of blood. This is also the time that the Peter was told by Christ that he would deny Him three times before the cock crowed. When Peter heard what Jesus told him he said that he would never deny Christ but a few hours later Peter denied Him three times just like Jesus had said. The soldiers had taken Jesus away and had taken Him before many judges and finally they told the soldiers to take Him to Pilate, which is where the next chapter begins.


As Jesus faces Pilate, Pilate says that he sees no fault in Jesus. He also says that there was no reason that Jesus should be killed. But the people disagreed and told Pilate that they should crucify him. So after they had whipped Jesus thirty-nine times with the cat of nine tails they took Him to be crucified and after Jesus died on the cross, they buried Jesus in Joseph’s tomb. Pilate demanded that they guarded the tomb so that noone could steal Jesus’ body.


After the Sabbath was over Mary Magdelene and the other Mary went to see the tomb where Jesus was buried and when they got near there was a great earthquake. But when they got to the tomb there was an angel of the Lord there and he said that Jesus was not here but He is risen and to go quickly and tell the disciples that He is risen. As they went and told the disciples that Jesus was risen, Jesus met with the disciples and told them to not be afraid and that it was Him and He had risen from the dead. At the very end of the chapter Jesus tells the disciples to go throughout the world teaching the gospel and telling everyone about Him.

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