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Applying to UCLA School of Law The University of California, Los Angeles, established in 1949, is a public institution that is recognized as one of the nation's top law schools. The UCLA School of Law is acknowledged worldwide as a model of academic rigor and diversity, and distinguishes itself from other nationally ranked law schools by having established itself as the youngest. The school's mission is to strive to offer an in-depth education in the fundamentals of ethical and professional practices of law through rigorous courses to help develop analytical skills in a cultural and diverse environment. According to Admissions Advisor Andrea Sossin-Bergman, the School of Law focuses on the presence of vital and diverse viewpoints that affect each student in significant ways with a respect to the quality of each student's education (Sossin-Bergman). The School of Law offers engaging classroom instruction across a wide spectrum of courses that appeal to students with disparate interests (University of California Los Angeles.

"The UCLA School of Law"). The first-year curriculum focuses on embracing incoming students with a variety of courses that introduces the students to vast range of legal subjects. The course work concentrates on the overview of major common law subjects and constitutional law by providing students more skill-centered experience combined with elements of legal writing and research courses. Criminal Law coursework studies principles underlying the definition of crime and general doctrines of justification. Property coursework focuses on analyzing the social and dynamic systems for recognizing and protecting competing claims to resources and property

Torts coursework covers personal injury and liability law in the legal tradition. Civil Procedures coursework studies the processes that courts follow in deciding disputes in noncriminal cases. Constitutional Law coursework examines the distribution, exercise, and limits of power among the units of government in the American political system from the U. S. Constitution. Beyond the first year, The School of Law offer students a broad array of curricular courses to fit individual interest. The faculty, whose involvement and commitment towards its students are both intellectual and professional, characterizes the tone of the UCLA School of Law. Members of the faculty have won many distinguished awards for the excellence of their teachings, research, and professional standpoints.

Along with teaching clinical and public interest lawyering courses, Gari Blasi has achieved a national reputation for his work and research interests and publications of the homeless (University of California Los Angeles. "The UCLA School of Law"). The UCLA School of Law offers many opportunities for formal studies outside of the institution. Students find it advantageous to pursue interests that are concurrent with their legal training and field of study. Students will have to engage entirely at the School of Law during the first year and thereafter they may combine both law study and courses in the other department or schools, which will eventually lead them to the simultaneous award of a Juris Doctor and a master's degree. Students may design an individual joint degree program choosing from multiple disciplines at UCLA. The School of Law already has approved programs that offer concurrent plans of study over four years leading to a J. D.

And Master of Business Administration with the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, Nitze School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University, the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, and the Woodrow Wilson School of International Studies at Princeton University (University of California Los Angeles. "The UCLA School of Law"). The UCLA School of Law seeks to admit students of outstanding intellectual ability that will bring a wide range of backgrounds, experience, and perspectives to the classroom and the legal profession. In evaluating each applicant, the institution places a substantial weight on traditional measures of academic ability, namely grades and Law School Admission Test (LSAT) scores. A main recognition in the evaluation process contributes greatly to a person's ability to succeed as a law student and lawyer. (University of California Los Angeles.

"The UCLA School of Law Administration"). Admistration applicant must have received a baccalaureate degree from an accredited university or college of approved standing. The undergraduate GPA median for the class entering in fall 2012 was a 3.63, and the LSAT scores median was a 164. Out of the 4,657 number of applicants to the school for Fall 2012 , 947 were offered admittance (Best Graduate Schools 2002. "Top Law Schools").

Application can be done electronically off the program's web site or may be received by contacting the Admissions Office, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1445, and (310) 825-4041. The cost of attending the UCLA School of Law for the 2012 -2002 academic year was $11,110 for In-state full time attending students, and $21,354 for Out-of-State full time attending students. Room and board will cost $9,297, and it is estimated that books will cost $1,452. Students will be able to receive financial aid from sources such as scholarships, loans, school grants, and work-study. The median grant per recipient for the 2012 -2002 academic year was $5,500 (Best Graduate Schools 2002.

"Top Law Schools").

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