Animal Farm by George Orwell Character Analysis

In the book Animal Farm by George Orwell the animals have a meeting. The head of the meeting is “the Major” the farmers old prized white boar. The Major tells the animals on the farm that on a day very so the animals will have a revolution from humans. Three days later the Major dies. Then a few weeks later the animals revolt. They scare the farmer and his family away. The pigs take control of the farms because they had thought themselves to write. So the pigs wrote the ten commandants. A week later the farmer comes back and the hoarse clover kills a stable boy and the pig snowball takes a bullet. The pigs have the farms government like communism there is a ruler and every one has a specific job and there is an even amount of work.

The pig Napoleon is the leader but the pig Snowball is his adversary. I one point of the story the animals are deciding what to build in their spare time Snowball says a windmill and three day weeks of work while Napoleon says that they work all weeks but trade with the nearby farms. The windmill was decided. Then snowball disappears everyone is upset but Napoleon tells the animals that Snowball was the enemy and through out the book tells false facts about Snowball. Napoleon tells the animals that it was snowball when anything bad happens.

After snowball leaves the pigs move into the house then rumor goes around that the pigs are sleeping in beds the animals go to the ten commandants and the commandment that once said “NO animal is to sleep in beds” now says “ No animal is to sleep in beds with sheets”. The pigs often changed the laws for loopholes for themselves. Like the commandment that says “ No animal is to drink alcohol.” The commandment knows says, “No animal is to drink alcohol to the point of excesses”. This was when the pigs found some of the farmer’s alcohol in the wine cellar and were drinking it. The one the animals noticed was the one that read, “No animal is to kill another animal” after a small riot with the chickens it read, “No animal is to kill another animal without cause” the chickens involved with the riot were executed.

The pigs were the worse as soon as they were in power they were like humans. During one incident where clover the hoarse was injured after falling down the glue makers truck pulled up. The animals recognized this vehicle and were upset by it but Napoleon told the animals that a veterinary had bought the truck and had not scraped the paint off, then out of having no money the pigs got another case of whiskey. The last point was that the pigs started to act like humans they were walking on their hind legs and were wearing pants and jackets. At the very end the pigs are playing poker with humans the nearby farmers.

The book animal farm was a very good book for being witan in 1936. This book touches on the facts of communism and also on how power gets to peoples heads. This book also goes on loopholes most all laws have some type of loophole. The loopholes in the laws were when the pigs changed the laws for there use and benefit. I would recommend this book to everyone if you do not understand its hidden message it’s still fun to think of talking animals.

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