Analysis of the Tempest by Shakespeare

Throughout time various tales have been told in diverse ways to provide us with entertainment. The most popular and interesting ones sometimes make it by as classics. There are many different elements to a classic play or novel, which a number of authors can produce. Shakespeare was perhaps one the best known classic authors to generate such plays. The Tempest is one of William Shakespeare’s plays that undeniably deserves to be considered a classic because of the use language to convey meaning, the moral lessons taught, and the characteristics presented by Prospero.

The way Shakespeare uses language in the play is the first reason for the play being considered a classic. One way the language skills are displayed is by putting depth meaning into a word. The word “maze” is one detail that shows depth in meaning by describing how the noblemen have been traveling around the island, which is really created to be a maze for them (Shakespeare 56). Bate, is another detail that means to leave out of account but is sarcastically used to answer a question of accepting a person (29). Other examples are lines, which also contain intensity in meaning. Fernando speaks the phrase “the white cold virgin snow upon my heart abates the ardor of my liver” when he proclaims his love for Miranda (64). Another detail used in the play is when Antonio says “his word is more then the miraculous harp” which refers to widow Dido who’s word is more powerful than Amphion, the bard who raised the walls of Thebes by playing his harp (29). The usage of language assisted the play in becoming a classic.

The moral lessons being taught give The Tempest an additional reason for being a classic play. Alonso’s change of character and attitude is one of the moral lessons taught in the play. Alonso apologizes to Prospero for plotting against him many years ago (78-79). Alonso also approves of Ferdinand and Miranda’s marriage (83). Another way morality is displayed is when Antonio learns his lesson. The first action Antonio takes is apologizing to his brother Prospero for betraying him and taking over his dukedom (61). A further act is not refusing to give Prospero his dukedom back when he claims the title (79). Alonso and Antonio’s moral values changed as they gained knowledge of their mistakes and learned from them.

Prospero’s characteristics are a final reason why he is a great character to put in a classic play. The way Prospero was forgiving is one example. After Ariel is freed Prospero also forgives his brother who regrets betraying him (79). Finally, he invites all of the noblemen to his house for dinner and relaxation to show that there are no hard feelings (86-87). Prospero’s decision to forfeit his magical powers is one more way to show that he’s willing to change. One way of doing this is by giving Ariel freedom, which provided him with various magical sources (77). An additional fixation is sacrificing all of his magical powers he acquired (88). Prospero’s role demonstrates a major influence on the play.

William Shakespeare’s The Tempest, undeniably has earned the right to be considered a classic play. The language skills presented by Shakespeare helped make the play seem fashionable and sophisticated. Another explanation for why the play was so popular is because of the moral lessons that were taught in the play. The final influence was Prospero’s character, which gave the play a classic appeal. These three reasons help conclude that this play was a classic from the day it was written.

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