An unforgivable Choice

«What's the matter» a girl asked a ragged boy. «Nothing» the brown red-eyed boy answered. «Where's your good behaviour? it's not very polite to lie, I'm sure Santa heard that. Now do you want my help, or not?» the girl tryed again. «I do» the boy said. «My name is Lucinda Wellington Jones, what's yours? «she asked. «Jason Lee Coast» he said, and looked up. She was smiling and she had a tiny pixy on her shirt. The train stopped and a ticket collector came in. Jason whispered to Lucinda that he had got to get out off the train, because the man who came in could be very cruel. «Who told you that?» Lucinda asked. «Mum» Jason said. «Well it's okay as long as you're with me» she assured. The ticket collector came towards them and Jason closed his eyes, waiting for something bad to happen. Jason heard the cruel man ask Lucinda to see her ticket and then Lucinda said «my stepbrother is under six years old». The train stopped again and almost every body hurried out. «Why are you in the train and where's your mother?» Lucinda asked. «My mother said that I was old enough to take care of my self. So my mother sat me on the train and said that if there came any of the cruel men I should hurry out, and I don't believe in Santa. But if you do he properly heard you lien, I'm 7» Jason said «Would you like to buy some christmaspresents with me?» Lucinda asked. «I don't know - maybe some of the shopasistents will recognise me, and I'm really not supposed to go with strangers» Jason said. «Well, only you can decide if I'm a stranger» Lucinda said very tempting.

«My feets hurt» Jason complained. «I'm sorry, I shouldn't have dragged you with. It wasn't supposed to take so long - I swear» Lucinda excused. «Well I should have got enough presents now, I have almost spent all my pocketmoney in just one day! I better go home now» «Can I come?» Jason asked. Lucinda said that he could, but only for a peace of bread.

Outside the door Lucinda stopped. «Bzzz - be quiet» Lucinda whispered. «We have discussed this many times before, and I still don't think we have the money to adopt yet!» «Oh come on! soon Lucie will be a grownup and before we look around we are too old» Licinda's parents were arguing. Lucinda held Jason for his ears so he couldn't hear. Lucinda opened the backdoor and asked Jason in. «Well if you will excuse me! I have some laundry to do!»

«Who is that!? Lucie!» «Mum!! you scared me! This is Jason. He's homeless and he's just getting a peace of bread. «Lucinda defended. «Lucinda! we need to talk, Jason you can make yourself some food, - but if you steel anything I will be very mad at you» Lucindas's mother said and walked into the livingroom. Lucinda's mother said she wasn't proud of what Lucinda had done but the timing was perfect and if Jason behaved nicely he could stay a couple of days. Lucinda went out to the scullery to tell Jason the good news.

When Jason was put to bed lucinda's parents told her about their discussion. They said that they had thought about adopting, and had both thought it was a good idea, but that there was a lot of disagreement about wether they had the money or not.

Two days later Jason was about to say goodbye, when they told him the pleasant news. It didn't take Long before Jason became a part of the family. The years went by fast and the nuclearfamily were Jason very grateful. He was just what the doctor would have ordered for them. The family asked the government for an exemption for adoption so Jason could be their son. The government gave them an exemption so maybe others would follow adopting homeless children. Jason's name was now Jason Lee Coat wellington Jones.

Ten years later something terrible, something unexpected, and something lucky happens.

Jason's biologically mother had won the lottery. «Sherlock's, - private detective agency. How can I help you?» «My name is June Lee Coast. I would like you to find my son Jason Lee Coast» «Okay if You would please Give me your address and phonenumber, describe him And give me his social security number, and is there a special maximum amount that You would like to stay below?» «My address is 28b sct. Antonio street and it's London. Well, he's 17 years old now, has temperament, is negro and has curly hair and his number is 2206786587. And I just want you to find him» «We'll see what we can do, have a nice day» «Dot dot dot dot dot» «Was that a job!!?» «Sure was, - make an effort!» «I'll try!» The detective hacked in on the file that contained UK's inhabitants secret informations just to check that he wasn't in prison. The detective thought to himself that he must have been adopted because he had changed his name. «Hmmm wellington Jones, - in London» The detective looked in the phonebook. «yep!» He took some of the fault Charity lottery tickets, Took on his coat, and was on his way.

The detective looked at the letter box, it said «and Jason L. C. Wellington Jones» «knock knock» «Yes, what can I do for you?» Jason asked. The ticket salesman looked at Jason and asked how old he was. «17 - why» «Well I think you earn your own money, can you spear a little for charity or are you to stingy?» the salesman asked. «Don't you talk to me that way!» Jason said and slammed the door in the salesman's face. As the detective went to his office he thought, «well he was 17 years old, negro, curly hair and surdently had temperament» When he got to his office, he walk straight to the phone and called Mrs Coast. «Coast, hello!» «Yes we have found your son» «So soon? I'm impressed!» «Well it didn't take very long, but it caused me a lot of trouble and a great deal of money, it will be 950 pounds. But I'm willing to say 750 if you would give us a recommendation. When will you be able to pay - we prefer them in cash» «I'll drop bye in half an hour» Half an hour later there came a tramp into «Sherlock's» and called her self June. She said that she had got the 750 pounds and that she wanted the information about her son» «The secretary looked up at her and asked for her full name. «June Lee Coast» The secretary checked in her book, received the money and showed her into The detective's office. The detective told her that she couldn't tell anybody were she had got the informations from. June Promised at got the information. Next day she went to the address she'd got from the agency.

Very unexpected Lucinda thought that Jason had stolen her parents from her and over the years Jason had begun hating his mother for just leaving him in the train. Abandoning him. Denying all her responsibility. Hating her for what she had done to him. He couldn't help thinking what could had happened to him if Lucinda had not been so caring.

«Diiing» Jason opened the door and asked what he could help with. «Jason!!» June cryed. But then she saw that Jason didn't seam happy at all. He looked like he was going to brush over, - and he was furious. Then he said mostly to himself «don't ever come back» A letter managed to come inside before the door was slammed in so June maybe could have lost her fingers. It said: «Dear Jason, I'm sorry for what I did. I hope so dearly that You can open your heart for me that I didn't have. My address is, «28b sct. Antonio street - London. For the rest of the day Jason was upset, he kept thinking how to be sure that he would never come near her again. He could only find one effective solution.

He stated thinking about how all the notorious had been caught. Fingerprint, hair, blood, not leaving the murder weapon, and leaving an eyevidneses. And then he started planning the murder. It had to be perfect, cause he wouldn't spend most off his life in jail. He thought about which method to do it in.

1: Call her and ask her to set a meeting at a restaurant

2: Tell family that I've been asked out off June - going to tell her never to contact me again

3: Get: plastic gloves, old dirty ragged clothes, knife in supermarket, nylons, and a bottle of petrol

4: Find deserted alley on the way to a restaurant

A: Walk to the alley

B: Assault her, leave knife, take her purse

C: Burn gloves and clothes and Junes money, throw purse in container

D: Get to restaurant, wait for an hour

E: Go home, say that I'm relieved because I didn't have to mead her

And so he did! Diiing! Diiing! «Lee Coast's hello» «Yes I'd like to talk to June» Jason said making his voice deeper. «June, hello» «It's Jason, I'd like to meet you a little more prepared than last. I would like to set the meading at a restaurant» «I am so happy I was afraid that you hated me for what I did to you. I mean something really bad could have happened to you out there. I cant believe I just denied all my responsibility as a mother» «Well I forgave long time ago» «NOT» Jason thought to himself. «Well it's up to you I'll just rearrange my plans» «How about Friday evening?» «Okey, are you picking me up?» «Can't we meet at Kingston str. at the corner to the alley at 8 o'clock sharp?» «Fine with me, see you!» June hang up in gladness but it was something quite different with Jason.

Friday noon Jason prepared himself for the confrontation with June. He had got the clothes, the knife, the nylons to put over his head and the gloves. He had told the family what they should know. Now he was on his way to find a place where he could burn the stuff without being suspicious looking. When he found a good place, he hid the bottle with petrol. Then he walked to the alley in Kingston str. and hid the knife and the clothes in a plasticbag behind a big container. On his way home he couldn't help seeing all the christmasfinery. In every single shop window there was atleast tree pixies, it reminded him off the day where lucinda helped him. It all had started out at home because they couldn't afford the Christmas. All the prices had raised and always uninspectet. Jason thought that everybody had to be happy, accept him. When he got home he took a shower and changed clothes. His parents and Lucinda had gone out to buy christmaspresents. He thought about how he would do it. He would change clothes and wait. When she arrived he would drag her with him, and then do the murder. Jason was afraid that he would not be able to hold back his rage and try to slice her and then be cought. His clock biped. It was time. He took his jacket on, tied his shoes and were on his way. Without telling Jason, Lucinda had been in his room and looking on his notices for the murder. She had called the police and told them that there was going to be a murder in the alley in Kingston str. 8 o'clock sharp.

Jason undressed himself and changed clothes. 7:58. He was positive that everything was going well, he had no idea off what was going to happen. Then a tramp came into the alley with something under her jacket. Jason took the nylons off his head and asked her what she was doing. At first she wouldn't answer but then she said that she was waiting for her son. Jason walked calm over to her with the knife behind his back. And whispered, «How could you do such a thing to me?» The knife sliced the air and there was a shot. In same second a police car turned into the alley. Two people fell over each other and few seconds after there was a big pool of blod. One of the policemen rushed out of the car the other one called an ambulance.

At the funeral there was talked about Jason like he was a «Wellington Jones» and Lucinda felt very guilty, she knew she could have avoided Jason's death.

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