An Inspirational Personality

It has been four years now that I've been working at Captain Coney's restaurant. A manager here by the name of Linda Wood has been an inspiration in my life. She has this work ethic, personality, and outlook on life that I highly respect and admire. In the time I have known her, she has displayed the kind of character that I would want to incorporate into my life.

She is a splendid worker who is dependable and reliable. She is a hard-worker, helps everyone, and never complains. She does her job very well, mostly exceeding others' expectations. Linda loves working with people, especially children. Currently, she holds a bachelor's in teaching. She taught for ten years but gave it up to follow her dream in the medical field.

She has faced a lot of tragedies in her life but has still managed to stay strong. She currently lives by herself, has a daughter and grandchild, and says her life is wonderful. She has an outstanding personality which I greatly admire. She is nice to everyone and is a great person to be around.

Linda has been employed at Captain Coney's for over three years; she works over forty hours a week and attends part time at the University of Michigan. She plans on receiving a degree in medicine to become an ultrasound detector. She adores children and will always work for and with them.

If one had the chance to meet Linda Wood, then he would realize how charismatic of a person she truly is. The ideal she has shown me will be something that I will never forget.

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