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American High Schools Not Up To ParThere are many factors that would lead someone to believe that high school is a waste of time. High school has too many distractions for kids to try to concentrate on learning. Since the Columbine tragedy police officers have moved into most high schools and created a distraction for most students. During the day students have study halls that are a huge waste of time, while this time could be utilized to have more instruction or tutoring for kids. Every student is different and has a different learning style.

Yet schools don't separate kids by their learning style to help maximize their curriculum intake. Students are also forced to take classes that they have no interest in and will not be used in their future. All these reasons show how school has too much wasted time and is not doing what it school is intended to do. During the school day students are faced with many distractions that may keep them from doing their best. Since all of the school shootings in recent years schools have beefed up security across the country. Students are faced with metal detectors as they walk in the school doors

Dogs are used in the schools to conduct random searches and some students find this very controversial. Students are violent and are bringing weapons to school and making bomb threats. These can cause lockdowns that can take hours to search the whole school. This is all valuable time taken from the school day. Police officers are also a new presence in the school system that intimidates students.

School is supposed to be a place of learning but now students have to worry if they are safe when they go to school. All these distractions have some students scared to go to school. Every one of these distractions creates an environment that is not conducive to learning. Almost every student has had a study hall. Study halls are a huge waste of time because students end up just sitting around getting themselves into trouble.

How is one to study when these are quiet study halls? Studying is much easier with a partner where each can quiz each other aloud. With block scheduling students can waste eighty minutes a day if they have a study hall. That's an hour and twenty minutes where a class of importance could be put in. The time could also be used for tutoring or more instruction but instead it is put into the student's hands and they decide how they want to use that time. Schools are not utilizing the time they have to make school the most effective it can be.

Every student is different and has a different learning style. Some students learn better in hands on classes while others learn by just listening. These differences should be used to benefit students by grouping them with others that learn the same way they do. When a hands on learner is sitting in class listening they may not be learning as good as they would if it was a hands on situation. Since students are not always in classes that teach the way they learn best, the learning process may be ineffective.

Another reason why school can be ineffective and a waste of time is that students are forced to take courses which they may have no interest in or will not help them in the field that they will choose to have a career in. If a student is not interested in the course they are taking it will be more difficult to pay attention and to learn. If the course has nothing to do with what the students career will be it can be a waste of time because the student could be learning more about the career they want. Students should be able to decide what classes they want to take and should not be forced to take classes that they don't want to take. It is evident that the time used during the school day could be better utilized to maximize the learning capacities of students. The distractions nowadays with all the school violence makes it hard for students to concentrate on learning.

For the most part the type of schooling in America is ineffective. Improvements in the school system are needed in order to keep our nation strong. Schooling plays a major role in.

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