A room that can be described so much by scent and sight – Сustom Literature essay

A room that can be described so much by scent and sight. A room that when approached can give you the fresh smell of charred cigarettes and as you came in a little closer you get the smell of dirty clothes. But this was due to the people who inhibited this room. Comforted with two extravagant, old model bunk beds and a pair of genuine high-class desk and chair. A room so small in size yet so large and comfortable compared to rooms of their caliber. A room that when looked upon from a view was basically “home sweet home” but up close was so much more. With the locals like Jennifer Lopez, Jenny McCarthy, and Brittany Spears just always hanging around the place.

And besides them the luxurious side items that filled the room was just breath taking. These late model, yet classic window fans and oscillating that filled the window and floor. Also the genuine artifacts, from BW-3’s, a glass ashtray and the fine china from Domino’s Pizza, classic white cups. This room that would both turn a man on and turn a women away.

It was a classic college freshman dorm room. Word Count: 196

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