A Frightening Experience – Сustom Literature essay

An Emotional And Frightening Encounter.

I sit under the old gold plated clock, and I listen to its slow ticking. I stare down at the old cobble stone street, and feel the ice-cold raindrops rolling down my numb warm cheeks. The rain falls down from the bright stars which you can only see in a distance, I am glad for the rain, as the raindrops mix with my tears and I can perhaps hide my feelings from him. We had decided to meet here once again, I know I have to go through with my plan or else I must begin to prepare myself for the worst. If Kyle ever sees me here, I know he will never forgive me, but I prefer to see him alive and not talking to me, rather than losing him for ever. Ever since they started coming after him, I remember images from our past, I feel as if I am flipping through a very old photo-album. The memories are just like old photographs which you cannot simply let go of. In the distance I can see a dark silhouette heading towards me; I look around trying to calm myself down. Everything inside of me is telling me to run as fast as I can away from here, yet I stand firmly at my spot. He looks up at me showing me a deep-set of brown eyes, the way he is looking at me I feel as if he can read my private thoughts and I try to hide my emotions away. I see him tall and frightening, I feel a sudden wave of embarrassment and intimidation in front of him, yet I remember that once I had such an affinitive sense of trust in him. “Hi, Morgan.” I hear him practically murmur, and his cold voice penetrates through the deafening silence which surrounds us. I stretch my senses and I know that something does not feel right. I know that he never liked Kyle, and I know he thinks that I shouldn’t go against him for someone that will never truly understand who I am. I feel odd knowing that his is how he feels, yet I mustn’t as it is true that we both come from the same blood line, and it may seem surprising but we have many things in common. I look at his deep set of brown eyes which almost mirror my own eyes, and I can trace that maybe he does understand the reasons I cannot let him hurt Kyle. I begin to talk in a slow and steady voice, I tell him that I will do anything as long as they stop going after Kyle. He looks at me with a puzzled expression and I sense him trying to tell me something, but he doesn’t, I recognise that look on his animated face. I concentrate on his features, and can hear him in a very quiet whisper say “Get out of here now, for your own sake”. Without another second passing, I begin to run, after years of practicing the craft I am finally able to shield my emotions, and begin to whisper protection spells under my breath. I run as fast as I can, feeling the raindrops prickling my skin as I run against the direction of the wind. I glance up at the dark sky hoping for some sort of rescue, but I see that I am surrounded by towering concrete buildings making me feel trapped. I hear someone running behind me, but I know it is not him. I begin to feel that I have fallen beyond the sense of time, and everything around me feels as if it is a surreal world. “Bang”, I feel something heavy hitting me, and I feel my knees loosing their strength, a few seconds later I have hit the road’s cobble stone surface. I feel my eyelids become heavy, and I visualise Kyle as I remember him from this morning. “I’m sorry Kyle I have let you down. Be Careful.” Those are my last thoughts before I have fallen into the darkness.

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