A cute little Italy!

Are you in the mood for some hearty Italian food? You are invited to Masoom’s Little Italy, a wonderful little restaurant to gorge on Italian cuisine! Located at B-1, MM Alam Road, Little Italy offers a world of its own: warm, cute and cozy ambience, reminiscent of an old Italian farmhouse with a contemporary touch.

Masoom’s little Italian heaven is decorated in a nice and familiar feel. Sit back and enjoy the traditional Italian decor, soft glowing candlelight and the strains of soft Italian music in the background. The place feels like an extension of a homely dining area. The seating is comfy offering tables and chairs as well as relaxing sofas and low tables adorned with hanging lamps. The interior is not only very comfortable but uniquely laid out as well.

The menu is extensive though pizza that is a specialty of the Italian cuisine is missing. The menu is written in the Italian language with English translations, which adds to the Italian touch. It covers soups, appetizers, salads, sandwiches, burgers, pasta, beef and lamb steaks, rice (two dishes), chicken entrees, seafood as well as authentic Italian desserts. The food that really hits the spot involves Tiger Prawns (pan fried in garlic butter and served with plum sauce, Rs.950), Chef’s special (a delectable chicken breast with chef’s secret sauce, Rs. 325), Pollo ale Pesto Penne (homemade pesto sauce made from garden fresh basil with penne pasta) and sizzling Roman steak (marinated grilled steak, the way you like, accompanied by buttered vegetables). The food has that home cooked taste that is a hall mark of the Masoom’s. Little Italy does not disappoint you when it comes to the field of desserts. Pompeii Lava Slide is a must have once you are done with the scrumptious food. It is a warmed chocolate spectacular, cooled with ice cream. Italian Cheesecake and Apple Crumble are also a major hit in the domain of desserts. For the coffee freaks, Espresso-oh (with vanilla) and Banana Express (with coconut) are real delights!

Masoom's has already received local and national recognition as a standout café and pancake lounge throughout the county and the management of Little Italy can be seen working hard to ensure the continued success and reputation of Masoom’s. The friendly attitude of the attendants is worth mentioning who can be seen offering personalized services to the customers time and again; making sure their visit is a pleasant one. Talking to the General Manager of Little Italy, Summer Nicks, I came to know that you need to book your table in advance to avoid congestion and to provide quality service to the customers. At lunch time the rush is not that bad and you could get a table without a reservation. He told me further that per head rate at Little Italy costs in between Rs.800 and Rs.1600, depending upon the choice of food and desserts.

This little place is highly recommendable to those who love great food and exceptional service + serene ambience!

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