A Cold Day In Seattle

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(this is a paper i wrote for englishthe grade was an A) A Cold Day In SeattleIt was a cold winter day on that dreadful morning. School was closed because of a holiday. Justen's friends Jeremy and Billy came over to see if he could go to Capitol Hill with them. He agreed and their friend Ryan drove them. It was about 1:00pm when we they there, but the three boys would of never have gone if they only knew.

Ryan dropped the trio of and said he would be back at 8:00pm in the same spot, because he had band practice at 3:00. They started our journey on 5TH Avenue going north. While they were walking Billy noticed something strange about the stores; they were closed the boys forgot that holidays applied to stores too. That's when it happened, Jeremy got a headache. He started to scream and use profanity

As they were trying to find at least one store that was open, some drunk cowboy eating pudding started following the boys. What was some drunk cowboy eating pudding going to do to three teen-age boys? Then he jumped in front of them and screamed, "Billy!" that's when Billy remembered him. It was the drunk guy that Billy had met a year ago, when he took the bus to Seattle. They were a little shocked, but they let him join in. Jeremy thought he had gone mad considering he thought he was in the war and kept saying, "don't worry I got your back soldier," to Billy. There the boys were walking down the street.

Jeremy was raging about his headache, Justen was wondering what was going on, Billy was a little confused, and the drunk cowboy obsessed with pudding was walking behind Billy with his hands together making a gun whispering, "when the race starts run really fast," and, "I got your back soldier. It was very cold, so Billy, Jeremy, and Justen had their trench coats on, but the drunk cowboy was wearing a tie-die shirt and bell-bottoms. They walked for an hour when it started to snow. Good thing they were wearing trench coats. "I bet I could fix ya up nice soldier," whispered the cowboy.

The boys were all a little confused. "I got a special pill you could take for that vice on your head there soldier," he exclaimed. Jeremy was a little nervous considering Advil usually isn't red and comes in a little black film canister. Justen told Jeremy if he didn't take the extremely deadly looking Advil pill he would make his headache go away forever. "But I don't have anything to take it with," said Jeremy. Just then the drunk cowboy took out a week past poll date warm bottle of skim milk, from his pocket and gave it to Jeremy.

Jeremy said, "thank you," and very politely took it from the crazy man. The snow began coming down real hard and the boys were pretty cold now. Jeremy was starting to get sick and see things. The pill wasn't Advil. The alcoholic cowboy had given Jeremy a pill with poison on it. Billy started laying down the rhymes to keep warm, but it didn't work.

It was thirty below and we were all cold and starting to get numb. Then it happened Jeremy fell down and died right there. An aneurysm burst in his brain. The crazy man killed him, he thought he was a German soldier trying to take the plans to the spacecraft. Billy and Justen killed the crazy man with a metal spork, searched him for food, and found three Fruity Dum Dum bars and a jar with a pickle in it.

Billy took the pickle and shares the bars with Justen. That's when Justen died. Billy died shortly after. Ryan got stuck at a roadblock coming to get the three boys, when a drunk driver hit him head-on. The steering column went straight through his chest.

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