9 11 Efffects

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Ignorance has been and always will be the cause of the destruction of lives, the planet and its resources, and anything that attempts to obstruct it. Ignorance is a disease which sadly is wide spread through out the world whether it's the Middle East, the Far East, or the West. The only cure for this plague is basing beliefs on actual facts not theories and having the strength to admit mistakes and following through on correcting short comings. The September 11th attacks on the world trade center and the pentagon have affected millions of families and people across the globe. Terrorists' objectives are political statements made to bring light to issues like the occupation of Holy Land and what they feel is genocide occurring in Muslim nations in Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and obviously the Middle East. These conflicts are ignored my most of the world including America.

These terrorists take extreme measures killing thousands of innocent unsuspecting civilians to make a statement for what they feel is an extreme situation escalating day by day. A man in Palestine might say that America was asking for it, and an American man may blame Islam misunderstanding the political vendetta of the terrorists. Whenever we point our finger we have three pointing right back ourselves. If everyone could focus on their own ignorance and gain knowledge they will have found the cure in themselves. If people could look at themselves and honestly confront their demons there would not have to be so much suffering and pain in the world

The association of the September 11th attacks with my religion and ethnic background would not make it any easier for me to live in America. I was only a senior in high school when it happened which meant I would hear every stereotypical comment the people at school had to say. One of my team mates thought it would be real cool to call me Osama at practice I just ignored it hoping he would get sick of it, but it continued through the whole season. I took it in stride not letting it affect my focus and concentration in the game. I would laugh it off most the time making fun of myself to kill the joke.

I tried explaining to him that Islam was not the cause of the tragedy in New York, but the political agenda of radicals and extremists which threaten us our not only overseas but even in our own backyard. The ignorance of government agents not reacting to intelligence collected prior to September 11th showing the threat, the ignorance of those thinking murdering civilians will make progress, and our ignorance of feeling safe and invincible because we are in America has placed us in the position we are in today. If people don't reevaluate their beliefs and actions the end result of our current Conflicts could possibly result in the destruction of the world we live in. If there is no compromise and understanding of what is best for everyone in the world then it could be our doom.

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