9/11 and Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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L’Etat C’est Moi : Absolutism in the Age of Reason

By analyzing the Taliban regime and their motives, Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s ideas, and by comparing the two, it will be made evident that Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s ideas of government rule over people’s lives is true in this specific case.

On September 11, 2001 the heart of the United States of America was ripped out in a matter of 10 minutes by Islamic extremists who follow the Taliban Regime. The first attack was at 8:45 am when two planes were hijacked and crashed into the twin towers of the World Trade Centre in New York City. Thousands lost their lives that day. This was the day that started “America’s War on Terrorism.” The Taliban Regime believes that Islam is the right and only way to live. The government inflicts Islam teachings on their citizens. It is law that all women must wear the hajib when out in public, if not they will be punished. All men must enroll in the army, unless he is the only son with no one else to carry on the family name. Children are taught to die for their religion. When an Islam nation declares a Jihad (a religious war) it is solved by death of a nation.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau was born in Geneva in Switzerland in 1712. He was a Philosopher who believed that all people are good and it is bad government that turns them to do evil. He believed that the government brainwashes it’s citizens to believe in their way. And if any one of it’s citizens refuses to obey the general’s will may be forced by his fellows to do so. Thus saying that it may be necessary to force a man to be free. For example if the law demanded that every man must enroll with the army by the age of 18, and one of it’s citizens did not agree with this law and tried to get out of it, that man would be forced to enroll. He would be forced to fight for his country, and his freedom. Even if he didn’t believe in it himself.

In this case, with the Taliban regime, Rousseau’s ideas hold truth. It is evident that the Taliban Regime is a good example of bad government controlling good people. Each individual man who does not want to join the army must escape for fear of his life. Women have no rights. They must obey man and their government. They are forced to cover with the hajib. If not they will be punished and forced to be “obedient to the will of all.” The government of Afghanistan supports the Taliban Regime to the fullest and because of their ruthless decisions a war against Terrorism has turned into the United States conquering Afghanistan as a country. Rousseau’s theory of bad government vs. good people leads back to the evil acts of the September 11 attacks.

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