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The Four Noble Truths The concept of the four noble truths has to do with the religion, Buddhism. Unlike other religions that try to give (you) answers to metaphysical questions, Buddhism teaches how human existence is imperfect and how to steer away from suffering. The way this is taught is through the four noble truths. The four noble truths summed up is: (1) existence is suffering, (2) desire is its cause, (3) there is a way to avoid suffering, and (4) the way is to follow the eightfold path. The first noble truth explains the concept of Duhkha, Duhkha is suffering.

Basically, where life exists so does suffering, whether it be mental or physical suffering of whatever degree. The second noble truth explains that there is an identifiable cause for this suffering and that is trishna. Trishna means thirst or desire. The thirst or desire were talking about for example would be the lust or obsession for money or sensual pleasures. "..basically trishna can be reduced to a fundamental ache that is implanted in everything that exists, a gnawing dissatisfaction with what is and a concomitant reaching out for something else. So we can never be at rest but are always grasping for something outside ourselves

The third noble truth tells us that there is a path we could follow to ultimate freedom or nirvana. I would love to be able to explain exactly what nirvana is but I am afraid nobody would be able to give a clear answer. As far as I know the state of nirvana would be equivalent to heaven. The fourth noble truth tells us exactly what the path is to achieve nirvana, and that path is called the noble eightfold path. The noble eightfold path is

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